woman. Friends I am 40 years old man have a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter (Rekha)16 years and a son 12 years. I were started to read iss stories since last 3 years I liked these stories so much specially incest stories. I am a healthy and very very sexy man but my wife is religious manner woman and she doesn’t more interested in sexual practice so I search other ladies for sex and I fucked lot of ladies in my life. Continuously reading of iss stories mostly incest my thinking have been changed and I were start to thinking about my own daughter.

Now I start my story that 2 years ago I were thinking about my daughter to see her nude and fuck her. My daughter (Rekha) is very beautiful and sexy she gone on my nature not on my wife. When she was came to me then I want to see her deeply and want to touch her body, many time I kissed her that time I were gone excited and my tool got fully erected like iron rod. My daughter have 2 boy friends so she want to talk with them but she afraid to catch by my self and my wife. I love to here so much so if she demand any thing I did completed her demand but my wife object many time. One day daughter demanded for cell phone, papa all my girls friends have cell phone I doesn’t have, If I have phone then I can discussed with them about my study then I replied ok my baby no problem I will purchase a phone for you but my wife objected that no need to purchase phone we already have a land line phone she can discussed on this why need cell phone. Oh don’t mind dear this is 21st century why are you thinking backsword. After 2 days I were provided a cell phone to my daughter and want to see that she must be have boy friends and want to talk with them not girls friends, I were right. Evening time that time my wife was in kitchen daughter gone to her room and locked the door I thought some thing is wrong, I came near the daughter’s room door and hear that daughter talking with her boy friends about fucking she was telling oh Shankar come on dear my pussy is weeping and want to meet your dick. I got surprised to hear this type of words from my daughter mouth I understand that my daughter want fucking. Then I start to make a plan that how can I fuck my daughter I thought if I have success to fuck her then no need to search other ladies for fucking and save to expensed on them.

One day my wife gone to here parents home with my son, my self and my daughter alone at home. I purchased a incest stories based on dad daughter fucking and put it in my wife’s cupboard. I went to bathroom for shower after some time I called to my daughter to bring my vest I had forget in my room she replied ok papa I will bring it she search in my room but didn’t got then I told her to search in her mother’s cupboard I were already put a sexy book in that incest story daughter dad fucking. During searching of my vest he got this book she surprised to see sexy book in her mother’s cupboard she turned page one by one and start read then I again call her don’t worry baby I will search after bath she replied ok dad. She didn’t known that this was my planning to seduced her. She went to her room and start to read sexy book she forgotten to lock the door I came near the her door peep in side that my planning were going on right way, my daughter were reading sexy it was brought by her father. After some time when she was reading in deeply her one hand on her pussy and she was rubbing over salwar. I were suddenly opened the door without noise and come to near her and told her that what are you reading my baby She a faired and put book under pillow I were take the book and start to read it that time my daughter’s face had been white. I read half page and returned the book to my daughter with smiling and told her baby are you like this don’t worry you can read it I will bring more this type of books ok and I gone to my bed room. My daughter was surprised about my behavior because of that her dad nothing said for sexy reading the sexy story book.

Today I were happy that my planned had been successful, after some time came near daughter room to try to opened the door but it was locked. Then I were peeped through window there was some gap between carton what I saw my daughter Rekha was reading the book and her one hand in salwar and she is fingering her pussy surely, I were happy now Rekha is so much excited and she need a hard dick to fuck her hard.

Evening time Rekha prepared the dinner she didn’t see toward me she feeling shy and hesitation to talk with me and she finished kitchen work very fast. She displayed food on dining table and called me dad dinner is ready, I said ok my baby I am coming. During dinner I were peeped her continuously she was understand that what I were seeing her face gone red pink. After finishing dinner Rekha gone to her bed room and closed the door but didn’t bolted inside after some time I gone to my daughter’s room she was sitting on her bed as I gone inside she got up I told her what happened baby she replied nothing papa. I gone near her and sat on her bed and told her to sat down. She was seen downward I asked her baby are you completely read the book she replied yes papa I said give me the book she given me I start to read the 2-3 page then asked to her which story you like she nothing replied then I told her oh come on baby why are you shy and hesitation with me I am your dad and from today become your friend ok and I kissed her and told baby your are very beautiful and sexy. She said oh papa you are so naughty I replied yes I am naughty because of that I am your dad. I rushed near her and put my hand on her thigh and start rubbing on her she getting current in her whole body she severing. Now she gone excited so much I told her that baby I know what do you want now ok don’t worry I give you so much pleaser now my hand reached near her pubic place and my other hand on her boobs these are very small and tight she said oh papa what are you doing if any one see us, I replied don’t worry baby we both are agree then no body known about us.

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Friends now I am stop the story, how I fuck my daughter pussy will write in next part ok. You are thinking that I am very bad dad but friends my self and my daughter both are very happy. I am waiting for your reply ok. Mail me and give your comments on