was Friday, Ravi couldn’t concentrate on his work. He was waiting to leave office quickly and get ready for special someone who was going to come tonight. Ravi finally packed his work, and left for his room, on leaving he called his sister, Seema, living in Indore at family home.

Ravi: (on phone) ringing

Seema picked up.

Seema: Hello Ravi bhaiya

Ravi: kaisi ho seema

Seema: good Bhaiya how are you, haappy b’day in advance

Ravi: I am fine, mummy nikal gayi hain Pune ke liye?

Seema: haan bhaiya, wo to bahut pehle nikal gayi ab pahuchne wali hongi

Ravi: great and he disconnected and there was a smile then a grin on his face. He closed his eyes n held his dick it was already hard thinking his mom is going to arrive soon. Ravi’s mom, Pushpa, lived in their family home in Indore, with his three sisters. Ravi left Indore long ago, for better life, he was frustrated with his dad’s drinking habit and after a fight with his dad, he left home.

He divorced Pushpa after few years, leaving her with her daughters, and lot of loan due to which their house was seized and now they lived in rented house. Ravi left for home, I had a bath and arranged home beautifully, he sprinkled perfume all around, and the whole house was oozing with sweet aroma. He then waited impatitently for his mother, who was coming to see him after a month for 2-3 days, this time

She was coming for a week as it was Ravi’s 26th b’day. Pushpa used to some to Pune to meet Ravi every month, but not for normal motherly visit. It was 8 PM, and door bell rung. He went to door quickly and opened the door, and much to his anticipation, it was his mother, Pushpa.

Pushpa a 49 year old women I was a beautiful women. Her beauty was like a wine, which only improved with age, she was a very religious, conservative and innocently cute looking women. Ravi’s eyes were sparkling, with the beauty of his mother; her 5ft 10 in tall, heavy voluptuous body and ultra fair and smooth skin was creating an illusion of an angel standing on Ravi’s door.

Ravi kept on grazing her with his eyes from top to bottom. She wore a pink chiffon saree, and a red and blue cardigan on top of that as it was winter. Ravi took her luggage, and he closed the door as she came in. As soon as Ravi closed the door, there was sudden sprak in atmosphere; he held her hand n she stood frozen n closed her eyes. Ravi went closer to her and higged her from behind.

Noone has spoken a word, and he was hugging her intimately, kissing on her neck, n back. Then he licked her neck and earlobe while his one hand tried to probe inside her saree and other inside her cardigan. And there was more spark, he turned her around, and pinned her on wall. She was breathing heavily as he attacked on her like a hungry dog got the meat after ages.

He was necking her wildly, and suddenly, their lips touched and in no time Ravi was smooching his mom wildly, completely overpowering her. They were kissing each others like estranged lovers, and then His mom jerked him and the kiss broke. Both of them were breathing heavily, Ravi was in no mood to stop; he held her cardigan from top and tore its buttons. Then again pressed her to wall and began smooch her.

He was a skinny guy, just as tall as his mother, but he was dominating her, both kept on kissing n headed towards bedroom. She was walking backwards and Ravi was marching her towards bed hurridly. Ravi jumped on bed with his mom and the bed was near to breaking with their bang, his mom was moaning now as Ravi tore off her blouse and was licking and sucking her boobs wildly.

Impatient to mate with her, he raised her saree up to her stomach, and removed her panty and it was the moment Ravi was waiting for whole month. Him mom was below him, she had her eyes closed, before he could insert his rod in his mother’s sweet hole, she held his dick and said Ravi beta, ISS baar 15 hazaar nahi, 20 hazaar chahiye.

Ravi held her both hands with his hands, and pinned her hands on bed holding her fists tightly with his. She looked in Ravi’s eyes as his dick touched her pussy lips and Ravi slowly moved his dick inside and she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan as he went in fully in deep lust he started fucking him mother slowly, and uttered softly in her ears I love you mom and then shoved his thing inside with full swing.

She moaned aaaaahhh beta aaram se, he held her head by her hairs and pulled it backand she let out a muffled “ahhh, he licked her neck and shoved his dick inside her pussy with full force again she let out a moan ahhhh, it was passionate incest at play, and as Ravi jerked again, she locked his terso with her legs and held his hairs as he pulled her hairs and gave a love bite on her upper neck and below her ears.

Ravi was in trance, he started increasing his speed and his tongue was playing with his mother’s tounge. He held her tightly in her arms and she held her arms tightly around her, he began smooching her passionately, like there’s no tomorrow. Whole bed was making crack noises as he was moving in n out of his borthhole. He was pleasently taking chastity of his pure mother and devouring on Pushpa’s motherhood.

She was a helpless women, was seeing her only soon, shamelessly voilating her womenhood and gredily eating the forbidden food of his mother’s sexualily, she has no other option then being a sinner and enjoying the act. Ravi’s skinny body, was somehwere lost in voluptous and big round curves of his mother, her hige bosom, huge buttocks, her huge thighs, huge breasts and huge arms were engulfing skinny petite body of Ravi as he was taking control of his mother as a man

He looked like a child who started mating with a a big women. But he was wild, he was smooch her passionately without stopping and drilling her forbidden hole, like a tiger that had catches a buffalo after long and she was taking it with delight. As the rolled on the bed with intimacy, Ravi was trying taking pleasure from his mother’s gifted body in every way he could and as they went wild, she was lying upside down,

Ravi position him on top of her and his dick calmly lost inside the huge buttocks she had, she looked straight as Ravi’s dic entered her asshole, and she saw in the morror, her son over her lost in intense pleasure of taking ejoying his mother’s chastity. She looked down and preffered not to look on the mirror. Ravi collapsed on her and had his thing fully inisde her. She grabbed the bedsheet tightly with her hands, it was pain and pleasure for both,

She was trying to kill her moan like aeeee aahhhh eeee but Ravi was ruthless, it was the peak of his trance and he kept on banging his mother with full force, Pushpa couldn’t hold herself n began moaning without shame aaaahhaaaa, her son has made her do what she was averting, her son has pleasured the women inside her, now she was as guilty as him, enjoying the sin without shame. To strip her shame out oh her, Ravi made her stand on her knees,

She was facing the mirror and Ravi shoved his thing inside from front. She was looking it into the mirror how her son was mercilessly groping and fucking her n it was reaching climax, both of them collapsed on bed, her fists held tightly by his fists, slippry with sweat but still not free and he was banging her like her soul’s coming out of body he kept on bnging her harder and harder and faster and faster and he gave her

A love bite on her neck as she climaxed with a shameless louad moan aaahhhh Ravi,he also climaxed with a moan and slowly, the bed’s cracking sounds stopped, it was pure calm, her saree was still rolled upto her stomach, her blouse torn, her hairs roughed up. As Ravi went to bathroom, she stood up looked herself in the mirror, her hairs roughed up, her blouse torn, and love botes on her neck and face and her son’s

Semen was dripping out of her vagina n blood few drops of blood slowly decending from her butthole, she looked like a virgin fucked by a monster, and the room was smell with perfume and sweat and orgasam juices. She tried to move but she wasn’t having enough energy and just laid on the bed itself, thinking what had happened to her, she had performed her duty as mother of three girls to give her body to her son for money but despite her morality,

She was feeling satisfied by a man, and there was a hidden pride inside her because that man who pleasured her to the core and made with her soul with utmost pleasure is her son after one hour, Ravi came in, filled with pride hugged her on bed and said maaa aapse accha koi nahi, kaash humeshaa hi aapki and izzat aise lootta raho, she had submitted to her completely. This was just another routine trip, since she started giving him her body for his money to raise her daughters.

He took her in the bathroom and she had problem walking because of brutal hammering of her butthole, so he gave her support like a good son. He stripped her, and laid her on the floor in bathroom and opened the showers, which were bathing her, He slipped close to her, spreaded her legs and got over her and they both were washing their body while both were indulged in kissing and loving each other like lovers on the floor, I’ll wait for next part as both mother and son delve into retrospection and more incectous pleasures