Guys! This is Pradeep from Coimbatore and my mom name is Meena. I am 22 and working in MNC and my mom is 36 years old now. We are a family of three. My father is working as a Marketing Manager in the private concern. My mom Meenu is damn sexy than any other lady whichever I met in my life. She is really too hot. She has taking much care about her body. She does the exercise regularly.

So that does make her really sexy in building up her body well. So she has very less belly fat and perfect pair of boobs on her top and butts. The sexiest part in her body is her deep round navel. She is very fair in color and she always in saree. She doesn’t like any modern dresses. She always wears saree above her navel. The young and old guys in the street always wait for their chance to see her navel but she never gave a chance to anyone to see her navel other than my father.

So most of the guys are disappointed with that even me, it was rare chance to see her navel and because she was always taking so much care about her dresses. All the things were went normally until that day came in my life. One day my parents went to the relation marriage. So my friends came to my house. We were chatting and discussed about various things. We decided to browse the net. When we are searching for songs suddenly one topic appeared in the screen.

That was about adult sex stories. So we decided to open that at first we were very surprised to see that site. Because in that lot of mom son sex stories. All of them lit bit uncomfortable but one of my friend told there is nothing wrong in that. It is just a story. So finally decide to read that story. That story made all of them horny all of them sequence their cock with their hands. From that onwards we were started to discuss about that things.

One day when we were discussed about that in my room. My mom came to my room for took some things. That day my mom wore black saree which made her too sexy all of my friends are looking at my mom with lust in their eyes. They were enjoyed each and every movement of my mom. They were watching my mom tits dancing without blinking their eyes when she roams around my room. After my mom went one of my friends told you are so lucky to have such a sexy lady as a mom.

All the guys are agreed with his point. All of them described about their own mom. But my mom was so sexiest than any of my friend’s mom. They asked me,” did u see your mom naked I was shocked and said, No, for that they are all said, don’t waste your life, she was a god gift to you. So don’t waste that gift. Try to make your mom as sexy slut of yours. Afterwards all of them thinking about my mom and masturbating. From that day on wards I started to look my mom in different angle.

Before that I never think my mom in such a way now a days I always thinking about my mom’s body structure and masturbating. I really mad to sex with her. I don’t want her to rape. I wanted to enjoy her with her permission. So I always think about an idea to seduce her at first I want to see her half naked and kissed in her navel for that I made a plan the next day when she was washing the plates. I took some insects in my hand and slowly went nearer to her

I put those insects on my mom blouse and ran back to hall. After a minute I went to kitchen and told to her some insects was in her back she was very much sacred and she took her pallu and searching for their insects. I was stunned by saw her cleavage show for first time in my life. I was enjoying her cleavage show and immediately my cock was raised. But my mom was seriously searching for the insects.

Then I said, some insects were present inside your blouse immediately she was trying to remove those insects but her hands are not enough. So she asked me to remove that. I was felt very happy and turn my mom back and hold her shoulders with my hand and inserted my finger into her blouse when my finger touches her skin I felt something differently in my body and she too. Now I wanted to see her boobs. So I decided and said your blouse is so tight.

So I can’t insert my fingers into it. If you loosed your blouse it is easy for me to take it out. There was no other way, so my mom agreed for that and remove top two buttons of her blouse and she asked me, now it’s ok? I said, still it is difficult to take it out if you don’t mind to remove all those buttons then it is easy. She agreed with that and she removed all that now my mom was holding his blouse with her hand during this

I was holding my mom’s waist and pressed it slightly I adjusted her saree to keep below her navel. Now I was able to see her sexiest navel .She asked me, why are you taking so much time? I said, there are lot insects are present. When I took it by top of your blouse it is again fallen back so please wait. I don’t want to miss that chance so I did that slowly and at the same time I was tried to touch her navel by my finger on because of this

My cock was getting erected and I touched her crack on back with my cock. She was realized something went wrong after a minute I pulled her blouse. So the blouse was fallen in to the floor. Now my mom was standing fully upper naked in front me and her navel was clearly visible. She was shocked and she took her saree and covered herself. At the same time she also noticed my erected cock. She went to her room and changed her dress.

After changed her saree she smiled at me and she was in shy. I also smiled finally my plan was worked out and felt very happy and share this things with my friends. My mom always liked Compliments. So day by day I started to give compliments on her food and helped her in kitchen. Slowly I started to give compliments on her dresses. She also accepted my compliments and changed her way of dressing.

I started to give comments on her body structure one day she wore new saree and came to my room and asked to me, how it was? I said, you looking so sexy today. My Mom fell down her head in shy. I told Mom, all the things are ok except one. She asked what? I said it’s your sexy navel; if you tied your saree below your navel no one take their eyes from you. She smiled at me and said, you naughty and immediately she adjusted her saree below her navel and asked now its ok.

I was jumped in joy and went near her and try to touch her navel. I asked, why are you hide this beauties thing this many days. It was so sexy immediately I hugged my mom tightly and kissed on her cheeks and lips. She was shocked by my activity. She was trying to release from my hold but I hold her tightly and pressed her tits like a horn. She shouted at me but I locked her lips with my lips. So slowly she started to respond and both were embarrassed each other.

Now my mom started to moan. I kissed on her eyes, forehead and ears. She bites my ears. Slowly I moved her saree lit bit and holding her waist and searching for navel with my finger. I rotated my finger around her navel but I didn’t touch her navel because I wanted to tease her. She was enjoying my sexy play on her body and then I filled her navel by my saliva. I sucked it like any thing. Then I took of her pallu and dropped down. Now my mom was standing in blouse and petticoat in front of her son.

I kissed in her cleavage and inserted my finger into that and nailed. I pressed her boobs like a horn and sucked her boobs on blouse when I tried to unhook her blouse. The door bell was ringed. Immediately she got sensed and adjusted her saree and she opened the door. That was salesperson after he went, she immediately locked the door and ran to my room and hugged me tightly and kissed all over my face.

She whispered in my ear that she wanted it badly because my dad never does like this. They had did sex six years before. I asked me to fuck her immediately. She was acted as like a bitch. I lifted her in my hands and threw her in to bed and removed her saree. Again I started to kiss her navel and remove her blouse with my mouth. She was moaned loudly. She said, where did you learn this kind of things?

I never enjoyed the sex this much fuck me bastard fuck me hard, I don’t tease me fuck me. Then I removed all her dresses and made her naked. Now my mom was lying naked in front me without single bit of dress on her. I took her boobs in my hand and played with that I rotated twisted and pinched her nipples on both boob with my hand and sucked her boob liked a baby.

She screams heavily room was filled by my mom’s sexy moan. I asked her to remove my shirt and pant and made me naked when she unzipped my pant my cock was fully erected and immediately came out and standing in front her face. She was shocked and exited to see such a huge cock and said I never think such a huge cock you have it is really bigger than your father. Immediately she took my cock and sucks it and played with my balls.

During this I was playing with her boobs after 5 minutes I shoot my cum on her mouth and face and she drank all my cum and she jumped over to me and hold my neck as like child and I lifted her in my hand and she sat on my hips and gave kisses on my lips and necks. I threw her on bed and separated her legs and inserted my fingers in to her pussy. Then I licked her pussy as like a dog. She enjoyed that very much. She moaned loudly hmmm ahhhhh.

Then I took my cock and inserted into her pussy and it was very tight because it was rarely used by my father. I slowly inserted my cock inch by inch and finally it was fully inserted and raised the speed slowly. She was crying in pain and after 20 minutes we both reached climax. Now my mom’s pussy was fully filled with her own son cum both slept in the bed in the same position still my cock was in pussy. After some time

I started to play with her boobs and my mom smiled at me and said, you naughty, you ready to taste your mom once again and kissed on my forehead and said, this is a happiest moment in my life. I never enjoyed sex this much. You took me to another world. I am so lucky to have you as a son. Today onwards I am yours; you did whatever you wants and whenever you want. You are my sweetie you are my darling.

I said today is a unforgettable day in my life because one of my dream was came true. I said thanks to god to give such a sexy lady as my mom, I love you so much mom. She said, I was eagerly waiting for this from that day you seduced me very much. I know your intention from your act on that day. So it was a mom’s duty to fulfill the son desire but I never dreamed you enjoyed me this much your wife is so lucky. I said, thank you so many moms. I love you mom.

She said, me too baby, now on wards don’t call me as a mom. Call me by my name or darling after we enjoyed the sex for 4 times in different positions. Now a day, she always tied her saree below her navel and whenever she serves food to me she adjusted her saree and shows her cleavage to me. If my dad was in home I asked her to come to bathroom and helped me to clean my back in front of my dad.

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