I am worried about my daughter as she is attaining 30 next month. I could not get a groom for her because of her body structure and complex as she is black in color with small curly hairs. She is plump with huge boobs and titanic ass (but she has flat belly with small waist) her lips also black but shining which is the only the attractive part of her body which I have seen but totally everybody can say she is a ugly girl.

I don’t know how we have gave birth to her, the reason behind to say so is my other two childs a boy and another girl who are at 24 and 22 are with good look and structure. My wife is 50 she too beautiful with vital assets. I have forced to stay with my elder daughter in one town with my own business and my wife is residing in another town which is 150 km away, with our other children where they are studying in colleges.

We will meet together once in a month either one place as I said I could not get groom for my daughter, so many boys numbering to about 20 have come to see her and later rejected. She has fed up with this and declared she would not allow any further boys to see her and she don’t want to marry even. This has made me to worry lot and my pegs increased to 2 to 3 daily now a days.

Today also I am with my pegs and thinking myself whether my daughter would be remained virgin in her life and her sad face is coming before my eyes as I was in alcoholic hangover suddenly a devil entered into my mind and asked why could you tear her womanhood and made her a women and give her pleasure thinking itself my body temperature has raised and the devil is dancing in my mind.

By that time my daughter entered my room and asked me whether I can have dinner now. I starred at her and my eyes gone to stay at her lips and came down to her huge boobs and after 2-3 seconds I told her wait for some time. I had the glimpse of her titanic ass giggling while walking back from my room. My manhood started to raise his head. The devil in my mind still dancing and forcing me to go and fuck her, but I have to test her pulses whether she is interested in sex that is too with her own father. One more peg gone inside and I am planning to seduce her as she herself should come forward for sex.


Me: Priya no voice

Me: Priya where are you darling please come here

Priya: yes pappa what you want”

Me: I am getting pain in my legs I will you apply some oil and massage

Priya: sure pappa, I will do it wait pappa I will bring oil’

She went for bringing oil immediately I removed my underwear and kept under bed. Now I am in banyan and lungi (waisty) only. She came back to my room with oil bowl with her hand and told me come pappa, lay on the bed. I finished my peg and came to bed with loosing some balance and she immediately held my arm with her one hand and told be slow pappa, now a days you are taking more drinks papa.

I told yes darling. I am worrying about you only; she told yes pappa I know you love me much. I lay on my back on the bed and lifted my waisty up to knee level. She sat on the edge of the cot near my foot placing her legs on the floor while she was rubbing my legs from foot to knee with oil I placed my palm on my eyes watching her face from the corner of my fingers and not allowing her to see my face directly.

Slowly my boy is raising his head and it is bulged to some extent. I watched her eyes are starring at my bulged area. I stretched my waisty up to my upper thighs and I told Priya dear also rub my thighs she did not tell anything she changed her position near to my knees and started to rub my both thighs and I was feeling the softness of her palms rolling on my thighs and now my cock has become rock hard and stood like a pole under the waisty.

I was watching the reaction of her face, she is starring into my cock and her face become somewhat uncomfortable and slowly she is taking long breath. My cock is trembling lightly under the waisty and I could see the up and down movement of her huge boobs while she takes the long breath. I realized the iron is red now and it is the time to beat. Immediately I lifted my waisty fully and gave her shock treatment to have glimpse of my erected 7 inch black rod and the same time I put my two palms on her boobs and pressing heavily it was a second shock for her.


Priya: Ohhaa pappa what are you doing, please don’t do that and leave me

Me: Darling! Don’t you like this? Will you remain as virgin in your life time completely?


Me: Tell me dear, will you remain as virgin?

Priya: But pappa, I am your daughter! Is it right?

Me: Don’t think about right or wrong you are not getting married. My intentions is that you should not be remained as virgin, at least you should enjoy the sex

Priya: If amma knows this will she keep quit?

Me: How she knows, will you tell her?

Priya: No, butaa.

I was surprised and she would ready for sex so easily, I took the bowl of oil from her and kept on the ground and pulled her on me. She screamed papa I hold her face with my two palms and looking into her face, but to my surprise she is not looking ugly to my eyes, she is looking beautiful now, I saw her shining black lips which made me so crazy in a second.

I have planted my lips on it and started to kiss deeply immediately she was responded and she too started to kiss me deeply. I wondered where she has learnt this. I inserted my tongue into her mouth exploring her tongue. I sucked her tongue and she too sucking my tongue passionately. We kissed for five minutes, eating each others lips, saliva and sucking tongues.

I snatched off my banyan and wiasty within seconds, and pulled out her top, now she is with her bra but the size of the bra is small to cover her huge boobs. I hugged her, my hands went to her back to unhook the bra, I done it, now I could see her boobs. I starred at boobs which are brown in colour and her erected big nipples were before my eyes which are dark black and very sexy.

I hold her boobs with my two palms and started to press heavily and then pinching her nipples with my fingers, she screamed pappaaaaa it is paining. Then I put my mouth on her boobs and started to suck her nipples and licking with my tongue. She was moaning papppaa ohh papppaa but immediately she hold my face and kissing me deeply and said pappa I love you, pappa I love you, papppaaa I love you too much.

She was playing her tongue on my lips and pushing it inside my mouth and eating my lips so passionately, I thought she became a mad of me. Then I told her to lie on the bed. I pulled her skirt now. I could see her heavy brown rounded thighs. She was on her panty, I placed my face on her thighs, and felt the softness and kissed there, licked there, my mouth went upper side and pressed her pussy with my lips I bite it.

I pulled out her panty and thrown down now my dear daughter is fully nude, keeping her eyes closed. I wondered my daughter is not ugly, she is beautiful, she is looking like belur shilabalike (the girls with huge boobs, ass and small waist curved in black rock in chenna keshava temple at belur, Karanataka ) I stare at her black pussy, which is shaved and the pussy lips are still black.

I went near to her pussy and kept my palm on it, I could feel the warmness of the pussy it is just like a big black bun. Though her pussy is black it is so attractive because of its bulzness, it made me crazy and I bent on her and put my mouth on it and kissed once, she moaned papppaaa. I separated her pusssy lips with my fingers and seen into it the pussy wall was visible and it was brown pink in colour.

I played my fingers all over the pussy and rubbing my finger into her clit. I put my tongue in the valley of the pussy and started to lick it slowly, my daughter put her hands on my head caressing my head with her two palms and pulling me to her. I went deeper and deeper licking, little juices were oozing, I licked it and ate it. My speed of licking was raised and she was screaming loudly ahhhahha, papa

My dear papppaa ohhhhh leave me please ooooohhh I am dying. I made her leg widened, hold her pussy lips with my fingers separated the lips and put my cock on it pushing it slowly into my daughters lovely pussy, only one inch of my cock gone inside, now I was pushing it with force and giving some jerks and she was shouting no papppaaaaaa no, take it out, but I was not listening her words giving jerks

I’m pushing but now nearing half of my cock gone inside, but not going further, when I was pushing she was shouting no, no pappa, please take it out, I cannot bear the pain, please pappaaa. I understood, since she is virgin the hymen of the pussy is blocking my cock and it could not allow my cock enter into unless it has tear off. I have induced her baby please bear little pain only for some seconds, then you will get full of joy.

No pappaaa it is paining me muchhhhhh now I have decided to give big jerks continuously, thinking this I have taken the long breath, closed her mouth with my mouth and started to give big jerks, fucka fucka, fucka. Daughter was shouting but voice could not come out since I have closed her mouth with mine, but still shouting onhhhhhhh yes my daughters seal has broken and my entire 7 inches rod is inside her pussy.

I am seeing the tears on her eyes. I have wiped her tears with my fingers, I told her “ priya darling now u are no more virgin, your dear pappa has broken your seal, u see your pappa’s entire cock is inside of your pussy to my surprise, she is giving me naughty smile, and raising her asses up and down, kissing me simultaneously, and murmuring please pappa fuck me now, fuck your lovely daughter make me your wife. Hearing these words from my daughter, I became so erotic, started to fuck her heavily.

My rod is moving in her pussy like railway piston, and she was giving heavy moan ahhhaaaaa to each of my jerks. I fucked her, fucked her, fucked her, Now she has lifting her ass and screaming ohhhh, yes she is about to cum now, I raised my speed still and after 8-10 big jerks, she cummed heavily with loud moan which I felt and I too cummed in her. Now there is no sound, every thing is calm, I placed my face on her boobs and slept and she is holding my head with her hands continued.