This story happened in June 2011, my name is maya and I’m 24 years old living with my husband vishal who is 26 years old. Our parents had moved from India when they were kids to UK and vishal and I was born and brought up in London. I consider myself attractive with a lovely curvy body and eye watering 34d busts. Im expecting my first child and 5 months pregnant. My husband vishal too is a handsome rugby player who really take care of himself very well. We both are regular visitors to the gym. I have also done some part time modelling jobs when I was studying. Vishal and I met 2 years ago in an accountslecture and we both hit off from our first meeting. We found out he was with my older brother Rahul at college together and they had both played rugby together.

In June this year we were invited to a swanky costume party by a family friend where all attendees were supposed to wear a face mask. I bought both our costumes after work that particular day was dying to see what vishal would say me in a such a slutty costume and was hoping vishal would like my selection for him. In the evening I got a terrible headache and I asked vishal to attend the party alone cos I was not in a state for any parties, and asked him to say hi to all the friends and family who would be there at the party. Vishal being a devoted husband refused to go, but I insisted and with sum argument I got him dressed and sent him alone.

After taking aspirin I slept soundly for an hour so and when I woke up I didnt have any pain, as it was still early I decided to get dressed and join party. Since my husband haven’t seen my costume, I thought I would be fun to find out how vishal behaved in my absence. I join the party and soon spotted my husband in his costume in the dark on the dance floor, dancing and flirting with every hot chick he could get his hands on the dance floor. I could see him kissing and playing with hot chick, I being very seductive myself joined him and got his 100% attention towards me. Vishal forgot about his young slut in no time and was all over me in no time. After few rounds of drinks, Naturally him being my husband I let him go as far as he wanted too. He started rubbing and fingering me in the dark whole on the dance floor. This was all new to me cos there were lots of others around us and this was turning me on in different level. Thanks to my mini fairy skirt (I dressed like a fairy and vishal was peterpan) and the dark lighting all this was possible. I had my first orgasm when vishal whispered in my ear little proposition and I was in no position to say no, so agreed gladly.

Vishal and I secretly left the dance floor and we were in dark room which looked like a hall or something, we both climbed on the stage like platform, and found a place in the dark and started undressing while keeping the mask on. He was trying to kiss me on my lips and I didn’t let him thinking that he would recognise my lips. I kissed all over his body and started Rubbing his penis. I was surprised to feel his cock so hard, never felt so big. I felt fatter and longer than normal, I was laughing inside me cos until now vishal hasn’t got clue who I was and he was extremely turned probably taken sun kind of pills too. I was seeing a different side of vishal rite now, he started to play with my boobs and started to suck the very passionately. I couldn’t hold on any longer and he I think read my mind and started rubbing my wet pussy again, this time it was exciting me even higher and after a good 10 or 15 mins I had my second orgasm.

I wanted to give him something return, so I started to go down and show him what his wife could do with her mouth and tongue. I started guiding his penis in my mouth, what a difference I felt. I was thinking how a cock get extra boost for a new kinky relationship. I couldn’t take the whole cock at once so I was just sollowing abt half and sucking ang licking at the same time. I could see he was getting aroused big time and he started moaning. Getting bigger and louder every time I sucked. Finally he emptied his big load in my mouth with a loud moan. He just filled my mouth like never before and I like always swallowed it in one gulp. I never like to waste specially such protein from lovely hubby.

Vishal was very generous and started to go down on me soon as he unloaded his cargo. He was extremely good with tongue for some strange and unbelievable way. Vishal was taking me to a different level with his silver tongue and gold fingers. I had mix emotion by now, I was extremely turned on and was going to explode any minute and also wondering y he couldn’t be like this everyday. Finally I had my 3rd ever orgasm and he was licking every drip of my juice. Once he had cleaned me enough with his tongue I thought it was all over, and I was drained out and didn’t have enough energy but he started to rub his ever growing 8″ Plus cock on my pussy.

He finally conquered his kingdom and was starting make love to me very gently encrrasing his speed very methodically. By now I was in a different state of pleasure, I was reaching heights I have never explored and Im liking every second of it. Finally vishal increased his speed and was humping me like pornstar, I could feel that monster of meat loaf digging inside me, I was moaning loudly now and he increased his speed even more . His hands were all over me and his lips were sucking my boobs like a hungry baby. Finally I screamed and had my 4th historical orgasm and I was about to faint with pleasure and I heard him moan and emptied his load inside me. His second load was even bigger than his first and I was dripping all over.

Vishal finally surrended and was lying on the floor facing the floor next to me. We were both so exhausted I wanted to take off his n my mask then something cheeky into mind, just wanted to find Out what type of explanation he had in his favour. All this time only I knew It was vishal and he didn’t have clue whom I was. Just before unmasking in midnight I got dressed and slipped out of the party and went home.

Once I reached home I got of the costume and had a shower quickly as I was still dripping with cum in my pussy, got myself in my pjs and got into the bed pretend to be watching tv. I was furious at the same time about vishal’s behaviour and was feeling betrayed and cheated. I was waiting for a very good explanation to his behaviour. Finally he reached home around 2am, and I asked him how the party had been. He simply replied it wasn’t the same without me beside him. I couldn’t show my anger or I couldn’t laugh either for what I was hearing. So I thought I will just let him try his luck for a while, and asked what he had been doing all this time. I inquired did I dance? He said I tell u what I did, just when I reached the party I met few of my other bachelor friends without a costume, so decided to go to bar and play cards.

You must have looked silly playing poker in the bar wearing that costume All night, I said it with an unashamed sarcasm. Then vishal replied with a cheeky smile, I met ur brother Rahul at the party and he didn’t have a costume so he borrowed it from and I was wearing his clothes all this time at the bar.

And Rahul was all boasting about getting with this amazing babe in a fairy costume.

When I heard him say that I went numbed and speechless, felt as if the whole world has turned upside down. And now I’m pregnant not sure whose baby it is. What do u think I should do? Should I tell my hubby or brother? I can’t even talk this matter to my best friend, don’t think anyone would understand. Pls if I think u have sum advice, reply.