guys and gals, I’m a very much fund
of Indian sex stories. I read a lot of
incest sex stories here. I love to read
the incest because I’m too attracted
by incest sex and ok let me not make
you feel bored telling all these stuff by
the way I’m Akon (name changed) age
28 plus have an average built physic
but good 7.5” cock. This was happen
to me 6 year back when I completed
my B.Tech(Mechanical) and come to
meet my Didi and Jiju at New Delhi.
I reached New Delhi at around 10.00
p.m. Jiju & Didi were both there to
receive me at the New Delhi railway
station. Both of them were very happy
to meet me after a gap of four yrs.
And they hugged me. Especially Didi
hugged me for two three minutes
continuously during which she
became a bit sentimental also.
Something new happened to me for
the first time for my Didi, which was, I
thought a sin even to have feelings of
this kind for her. But I actually had a
hard on. Somehow, I brushed it off
my mind and we came back to their
house. On the way we exchanged the
well being of all the members there in
home. There was a two room flat and
well furnished up to their level as they
both were working with the private
companies. After chatting and having
light dinner all of us went to sleep. I
was sleeping in the other room they
were sleeping in. In the discussions I
came to know that Jiju had to leave
UK for two-three weeks after two
days. He had to go for business tour,
which was his routine. As Didi would
be on her job so most of the time I
had to pass the daytime myself. But it
was quite ok with me as I was a bit
used to be with myself also.
The next morning I woke up late and
found that both of them had gone to
work. I spent the day eating my meals
those were available in kitchen as told
by them and watching TV. I kept
thinking of both of them and the hug I
had from Didi. I also smell the used
undergarments, out of which I found
some are interesting and imagine the
Didi’s choice. Also I conclude that the
sex life of both are in high point.
Seeing this I again got hard on, after
which I put my hand in my short to
feel my cock. It was wet with the pre
cum. All this thing force me to think
about our childhood days. A little
about my sister is, she got matured
when she was in class 8 and man she
is really a sex bomb with a lovey face
too I was really very proud to have
such a sister and she had figure of 32
28 34. Every man will get horny on
seeing her Ass. She got marred 5 yrs
back. Still they didn’t plan for family.
By the time it was 7 o’clock and both
are returned from their work. Evening
was again nice as we all were together
and goes out for dinner outside. Next
morning, Jiju had to leave for his tour
so we came early from the dinner and
slept early. In the morning I and Didi
went to airport to see him off as it was
a Sunday. That day too passed very
well in the company of Didi. She often
scolded me for not eating properly
and not taking good care of my
health. But I was feeling that on my
part only, talking to, sitting alone or
doing anything in her presence was
not that casual as it used to be.
Next day was Monday morning Didi
had left for her work when I woke up.
And the day was as usual. The same
day, in the afternoon I went to take
bath and I slipped & fell with a bang
in the bathroom and got hurt on my
left hipbone. It was painful but
bearably. As the minutes and hours
passed the pain started increasing
and my leg started swelling. I tried to
cure it by taking rest, the rest of the
day but it did not work. By the time
Didi came back from work it was
paining like hell. She entered in the
room and asked what happened. I
told her the full story. She saw my leg
and got tensed. I was literally crying
out of pain on which she hugged me
and also started crying out of love for
me. She kissed my forehead, my face
in order to smooth my pain and then
acting very fast we rushed for the
hospital. There the doctors told that it
was a not a fracture, but needs to take
care full to stabilize the bone and told
me to take bed rest for full 7 days on
which Didi got relaxed. But she got
tensed as while taking bed rest I need
to be taken proper care of my leg and
no one except her was here and she
also worked. After two three hours of
pain I got a bit relief and came to
know about the bed rest and whole
thing. I also got tense as I will have to
do all my daily routines on the bed
and I would be a burden on her as
someone has to be engaged for that. I
told her my concern after reaching
home on which she started crying and
asked me if she didn’t look like
mother still will try to do even then….
She lovingly patted on my cheeks and
told “no ifs and buts, I will take leave
and look after you, baby”.
Here all this started taking turns and
the day first started. In the morning
Didi came in. She was in shorts and
white cotton t-shirt. She started to
clean my face and brush me. But I
was feeling badly to go to washroom
for urinate and toilet. She
understands me and said “chalo tum
yahin per karlo bedpen lati hoon”. I
was shocked due to the feeling of
shyness so told her that I will do it
myself. She said “pata nahi doctor ne
kya kaha tha ki hilna nahi. Chupchap
baithe raho aur mujhe jo karna he
karne do.” and she opened the
buttons and removed my shirt. I stop
her and request her to take me to
bathroom, there I will do my all thing
after that she can help me in
sponging or other work. After my
repeated request, I succeeded
convincing her but Didi agreed on the
condition that if I had any problem in
sitting or while walking so then I
would have to agree upon as she
says. After that she helps me to stand
and give her shoulder till the toilet.
After reaching she started to pull my
shorts down which I cut her hand and
didn’t allow. Then she watches me on
my eye, understood and went
I was feeling very bad for her and also
pain in my leg, both the things was
not my control. Any how I finish up
and then called her. She immediately
came asked whether I want to bath or
sponging. Then I said sponging will be
good as I don’t have to put much
pressure on my leg. She rushed to
room and brings one chair and made
me sit. She started sponging my
upper body with wet towel very gently
taking her own time. As Didi was
bending upon me every now and
then, I was able to have a look of her
cleavage by chance. A feeling of
horniness along with guilt started to
build in me as this was first time after
my childhood, that I was feeling the
touch of Didi quite arousing. When
she finished sponging there, she
asked me to remove the shorts as all
get little wet due to waterfall by
sponging and also to sponge the
bottoms but I immediately refused, as
I was wearing only shorts and having
erected beneath. Didi said “bache apni
Didi se kasi sharma aa raha hai? Mai
khud tere ko bachpan mai nahlati rahi
hu. Tu ab bhi meri wohi bacha hai
aur beta vaise bhi majburi ko kisi
tarah nikalna to padega hi na.” but I
said “Didi ab mai bhacha thode hi na
hu. Mai nahi karvaunga, apne aap kar
lunga. Please I request you.” I would
have somehow agreed after very long
time she took, but I was in semi hard
state so there was no question to
agree to her pleadings. Then Didi
agreed on the condition that if I had
any problem in doing so then I would
have to agree upon as she says. She
went out telling me to get free from
rest of the sponging meanwhile she
will be taking her bath. She went away
closing the door behind her and I
after being assured that she was not
there sliding the shorts and stated
cleaning my lower body. When I held
my cock for cleaning I saw it was fully
wet due to the glances I had made in
Didi’s cleavage. I started blowing it as
by this time this had become
impossible to control myself. I was
about to cum when by chance due to
excitement I hit the water pot that was
by the side and it fell on the ground
with a big bang…….
I heard Didi immediately after this
“kya hua?” I hurriedly pull the shorts
back covering my dick completely as
she might be coming in the room and
yes there she come opening the door.
She said looking at the water pot on
the floor “maine kaha tha na mai kar
deti hu, kahi pair pe lagi to nahi?” I
said “nahi mai theek hu.” she came
near and asked “lao mujhe towel do
mai karti hu” I said “nahi Didi mai kar
lunga” but she didn’t agree and taking
towel from my hand forcibly, she
moved to remove the shorts from me.
But I held so tightly that she was
unable to remove it. She said “ab
kuchh nahi sunugi, chal shorts chhor.
Agar bahut sharm aa rahi ho Didi se
to apni ankhen band kar le.” in this
process she was so close to me that I
could tell by the smell of her body
that she was sweating. And her smell
brought my dick more close to
I began to loosen my grip on the
shorts. She caught it and pulled slowly
and there I was naked in front of my
Didi with my dick pointing towards her
mouth, fully wet and erect with a little
hairy around it. I saw my Didi’s eyes
bulging out with surprise and a smile
on her face. She said “ohhh, to mera
chhota sa baby ab jawan ho gaya hai.
Tabhi mai kahu ki kyu Didi se sharam
aa rahi thi.” my face must have gone
flushed with guilt. But she took it
lightly after that and started cleaning
my leg. Then she slowly held my cock.
Oh my god, that was the moment!
She gently pulled its upper skin down
and paused for a couple of seconds.
My cock was throbbing and I could
feel her hands shaking too. She
looked towards me smilingly once,
then quickly cleaned the white slime
from its rim and pre-cums from the
top then said “chalo ho gaya.” her
voice seemed coming from very far. I
could had cum any moment. After
hearing her, immediately put the
towel and help me to in wearing
shorts. She made me comfortable
sitting in drawing room and went to
take bath. I could see some
expressions on her face that I had not
seen before. Soon after that I relieved
myself by pumping my cock and
cleaned the long globes of my cum
with another towel…….
After this an urge to make love to my
Didi started to build up in me. She
also seemed to change a bit and
started to talk to me always with a
smile. I was continuously thinking of a
plan to have her tight and slim body
in my arms. So finally I planned to
play innocent as she thought me still
to be. In the afternoon she came to
have a nap in my room and lay beside
me on the double bed. She had
changed into loose shorts and t-shirt.
She was looking very sexy with her
hair open. After some chit chat about
relatives and others at home, then she
suddenly asked me “do you have a
girl friend? Which I was shocked
listening her. After pausing for 4-5 sec
“I said “no Didi”. She said “ab to tu
bara ho gaya hai zaroor koi to hogi.” I
said “oh come on Didi, bola na nahi
hai.” she said, “ok. After some time
she told let us sleep now.” I told her
that I was not feeling like sleeping. She
asked me “if you want to watch some
movie.” I said “that will be fine. Then
she set up the movie and started it.
She came on the bed and said “ok I
am sleeping now.” after a few
minutes I felt an urge to touch the
breasts of my Didi those were poking
out from her t-shirt but I had to
control, as she was not sleeping yet.
But it was not possible with Didi
sleeping on the next bed to
concentrate upon the movie. Again
after some more time, unable to take
on the heat building in me and as per
my plan I called her with a sheepish
look on my face, Didi. She said yes I
said, I want to discuss one of my
problems with you. She immediately
opened her eyes and asked kyu sab
theek hai na. I said, I have a pain.
Where, in the leg she asked. Yes I said
and paused. Kahan hai, bol na. And
she sat up at once. I said sharam aati
hai Didi kaise batau. She gently patted
my face and said chal bata, taqleef
mein sharam nahi karni hoti. Looking
at her face innocently, I pointed
towards my cock above the sheet and
said, yahan per. She thought for a
while looking the blog there and
asked, kuchh laga hai kya? I said don’t
know. Then she asked, which type of
pain do you feel? I said Didi, there is
stiffness all the time in it and the pain
when I touch it. She said ok! Let me
see it. Sheet hata tow. I said, nahi Didi
aap rahene do, phir didi smiled
naughtly and said, achha baba chal
mai hi hata leti hu. She came near me
and pulled the sheet away and slide
the shorts. My cock was fully erect and
hard, pointing towards the ceiling in
my shorts making a Tambu.
One or two drops of pre cum were
there due to the excitement I had,
while talking to Didi. I again saw her
changing expressions while looking at
it. After a few seconds she said, kya
ye sara time issi tarah stiff rahta hai? I
said, nahi Didi jab se chot laga hai
uske baad se aise hi hai. She said,
hmm, no problem I will massage
some oil on it and it will ease if it will
not ok then we will have to ask to
doctor. Then she move to bring the
oil. I was happy to realize that I am
reaching towards my goal very fast
and pulled the sheet back. She
brought the oil and sat beside me
with legs crossed and pulled the sheet
off again and then my shorts. She
held my cock and poured some oil on
it and rubbing it over it with her soft
hands. I was in heaven and looking
towards her legs. She was constantly
watching my cock while massaging it.
With some of her body movements,
one side of her shorts drew upwards
and I slightly changed my upper
body’s position to look into that area.
Oh my god! My eyes were through
that. What I saw was unbelievable,
Didi was not wearing panty and I
could see her pussy covered with
short hair. She might have felt the
impact of the view in my cock.
After some time, Didi started to play
her fingers with my small trim pubic
hairs. She asked me on losing voice,
“you very well taken care of your
Lund”. I am very much excited and
about cum after listening this words
from Didi’s mouth. I didn’t reply for
3-4 seconds then said what Didi? She
didn’t replay to me and busy in
messaging my cock with very
interestingly. She started to move her
hand up and down on my lund,
which was throbbing because of her
gentle touches. That sensation was
too much for me as I sensed that I
would cum any moment. Didi must
have excited too also as I sensed her
body was shaking lightly. After a few
seconds I looked upwards to watch if
she was noticing me or not, but she
was busy in rubbing my cock up and
down and her grip had tightened and
she was breathing intermittently. After
messaging my Lund for more than 10
min, I cum heavily screaming in loud
voice, some drops directly squirts to
Didi’s face and Didi started licking her
fingers like a English blue film
heroine….. after some time I said
“sorry”. Didi asked why you feel that,
its ok and natural, if any female
touches any male cock than it
happens mostly…..and keep smilingly.
Immediately I reply, “ya Didi, but we
are brother and sister”…….
I thought to go a bit further and
asked, lekin Didi ye aisa hua kyu? Kya
isme koi problem hai? She said, nahi
aisa kuch nahi, abhi thik ho jayegi. I
asked, how do you know that? Have
you experienced it before? She said
ladies ki stiffness alag jagah per hoti
hai. I asked, kahan per? She said, kaha
na hoti hai bas, kya batau kahan per.
Ok I said do you also have it right
now? She laughed and said haan hai
phir dikhao na kahan hai I said in a
flow. She was still messing the cum in
my cock more vigorously and losing
her control on her breath. She said,
ok look, I show you. She left my semi
erect cock and put her first finger in
already drew up hem of her shorts
and drew it sideways. I was shocked
on her swift move and my cock
started throbbing out of joy of looking
what I had in front of me. She
touched her pussy with other hand
and dug it to pull her stiffened clit out
of it. She said, look this is stiff. I bent a
little forward to watch it closely and
said, hmm it is really stiffened. Then
looking in her eyes I asked, do you
have to rub this also to ease? She
said, yes will you do it now also? She
said, of course I will have to, but let
me subside your stiffness first and
held my cock again and started
pumping it more violently. Her clit was
appearing and disappearing with
every movement of her body. And a
juice started to flow out from her. I
looked towards her, she had closed
her eyes.
I asked in a low voice, should I also
rub you there Didi? She opened her
eyes and came forward then suddenly
she smooched my lips. Oh that was
the signal. My hand automatically
traveled to her pussy and found her
clit. I moved my fingers back to her
hard clit. Didi tipped her head back so
I could kiss her neck. Then the
telephone rang. I’d forgotten about
the cordless phone Didi . It was on
the floor in front of the mirror. I was
able to drag it closer with a foot. Didi
sat up and bent over to pick it up. She
composed herself. “Hello? Hi (My
Jiju call), how are things going? Howz
Chotu? Did you taken care of him ?.
……Bla…Bla…Bla………………? we’ve
just been sitting around and talking.
Everything is fine……O.K. ……….We’ll
see you…bye dear. Love you.” Than
Didi switched off the cordless phone.
“I’m terrible. I’m fucking my brother
when my husband calls.” Didi leaned
back against me and sighed, “I think
you need to spank my pussy with your
cock and then wash my mouth out
with cum. Let’s move into action…”
Didn’t waste any moment, I started
working my hand on her wet pussy
and clit. She took away her mouth
from me with a jerk and drawing her
hand from my cock she opened the
buckle of her shorts and slid it away
bending to a side. She stood up and
brought her pussy direct over my face
while putting her legs, one each side
of me. I immediately build up to cum
for second time when with her flash
move the scent of her pussy entered
my nostrils. I kept on smelling her
pussy, as it was intoxicating. She
pulled my face up by my hair and
asked to lick it up. I immediately did
and reached up to a very fast pace.
After 10 minutes of getting her pussy
mouth fucked, she drew it apart and
taking care of my leg, she sat on her
bent knees and started fucking my
mouth with her tongue and taking her
share of her own pussy juices. She
was moaning heavily. With one hand
she searched for my cock behind her,
and on finding she held it and started
to rub it again
After a few minutes in this pose, she
started moving slowly backwards until
her pussy touched my cock. She was
in full heat and out of control. She
lifted her body upwards and placed
her pussy gently on my hard cock.
Now I am going to tell you how to
make your stiff things soft she said
and put a little pressure on my cock.
Her pussy being already wet with her
juices, she did not find any difficulty in
sliding it down the length of my cock
and she started fucking my cock. She
was moaning like hell, ahh ohh keep
your cock stiff all the time to make
your Didi happy, mmmm aahhh
uhhhhh she was taking long strokes
while taking care of my leg at the
same time.
Mean while I was just pressing her
right boobs and licking her left boobs
alternatvely….Her boobs are like water
times Didi pressed her boobs on my
face and it was difficult to take
breath…. She was wailing, ‘ please!!!
fuck mee!!! my pussy’s aching for your
big tool!!!!”. oh my god! it’s sooo big!!
fuck me, fuck me!!! oooohhhhh!!!!
oooohhhhh!!!! yeahhh!! please!!! fuck
mee!!! oooohhh ahhhhh ittss fffiinnne
i lliikke ittt vveerryy mmucchhh“ahhnn
uhnnnnnn aaaaaeyyyyyyy
yesssssssssss”.“ahhhh ahhh uhnnnnn
uhnn uhmmmm aey jaanu ffuckkk
ahnnn god ahhhhhhhhhhhhhn god
yessss yesss ffuck me ffuck me ohhh
more speeder and harder ohhh aeyyy
your big cock and my little cunt ohh
god ahnnnn”
Now I finally was to shoot my load in
her pussy. I told her, Didi I am
cuming… No problem nikal jaane de
chotu, do it yes,oh yayayayayaa let it
go aahhhh. She was on her full speed
and she drew her hands upwards
puling my hairs, then she placed her
big freed mangoes on my lips and
shout, chotu inko zor se chuso
ummmmmmm oh yayaayyayay. I
started biting her nipples and she
gave two three jerks to her body and
started to climax as did I. I drew her
closer at that moment and her tits
became flat on my chest with the
pressure. There was all aaahhh
ooohhh mmms in the air and I
started to unload myself into my Didi.
It was a long orgasm for her after
which she collapsed on my chest.
After taking a bit of rest she got up
cleaned her and started to lick my
cock to clean it. Then she put the
sheet on my legs, hugged me and
asked, kyu stiffness theek ho gayi na? I
laughed and went to sleep in her tight
embrace nude. After this Didi used to
clean me thoroughly twice or thrice a
day and nite….. I very much enjoyed
the staying with Didi……
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